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William Ragsdale

Most horror fans know William Ragsdale as the lovable reluctant hero Charlie Brewster from the classic 80’s Vampire film Fright Night and Fright Night Part 2.  Around that time he was also appearing onstage in Neil Simon’s plays Brighton Beach Memoirs and Biloxi Blues, two of the three parts of Simon’s trilogy, which ends with Broadway Bound. Ragsdale then continued his film career with Mannequin Two: On the Move in 1991.

Ragsdale later starred for three years on the Fox sitcom Herman’s Head. He has continuously had supporting roles television series such as Judging Amy. Grosse Pointe, and Justified.

Most recently Ragsdale can be found going back to his vampire hunting roots in the Nicholas Cage film Renfield.

Stephen Geoffreys

Stephen Geoffreys made a strong and distinct impression with his winning blend of wild energy and manic intensity that he brought to a handful of hugely enjoyable comedies and horror films made throughout the 1980s. He was born Stephen Geoffrey Miller on November 22, 1964, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Geoffreys first began acting at a performing arts high school in Cincinnati and attended acting classes at New York University. Geoffreys gave an excellent and inspired performance as obnoxious horror movie geek “Evil” Ed Thompson in the terrific Fright Night (1985). Stephen displayed a real flair for comedy with his amusing turns as the antsy Williams in Heaven Help Us (1985) and the nerdy Wendell in Fraternity Vacation (1985). Other memorable roles include persecuted wimp Hoax in 976-EVIL (1988), hardened inmate Roach in the dreary haunted prison dud The Chair (1988), and slimy drug dealer Cookie in Moon 44 (1990). Geoffreys did guest appearances on the TV anthology shows Amazing Stories (1985) and The Twilight Zone (1985).

R.A. Mihailoff

R.A. Mihailoff is an American actor best known for his role as Leatherface in the horror film Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. He has appeared in numerous other horror films, including Hatchet II, Pumpkinhead 2,  and Puppet Master: Axis of Evil.

Mihailoff also has experience as a producer, having worked on the film Hatchet III. In addition to his work in film, Mihailoff has also worked as a voice actor and has provided voices for several video games, including Diablo III and Star Wars: The Old Republic. He is also known for his work in television, having appeared on shows such as Gilmore Girls and Babylon 5.

Mihailoff has been an active member of the horror community and has made numerous appearances at horror conventions and events. He is known for his friendly and approachable demeanor with fans.

Carl Gabriel Yorke

A prolific actor who appeared in many films, including the controversial Cannibal Holocaust is a 1980 Italian cannibal film directed by Ruggero Deodato and written by Gianfranco Clerici.

His most infamous role, Alan Yates in Cannibal Holocaust (1980), was given to him because the wardrobe was already bought and they needed an actor who wore size 10 1/2 shoes. He had no idea what the role or the movie was until he arrived in South America and read the script. During the filming, he was often afraid that they were going to kill him for the movie.

He was one of four actors who the Italian police believed had been murdered in the making of the 1980 horror film, Cannibal Holocaust.

Michelle Santiago

Michelle Santiago is an actor and producer with numerous credits to her name.  Most recently involved with films such as Terrifier 2, Stream, Dark Circles and Prettyface, as well as TV series Servant and Fallout.

Raushan Hammond

Daniel John Kearney *Sunday Only

James Murtaugh *Saturday Only

James Murtaugh has been in numerous film and television projects spanning over 50+ years. Some of his more notable film roles include The Howling (1981), Blue Thunder (1983), Romeo is Bleeding (1993), How to lose a guy in 10 days (2003) and Vanilla Sky (2001). James also had guest appearances on classic TV series such as: Evil, Elementary, The Blacklist, Law & Order, and too many others to list here! Gamers may recognize him as the voice of Obediah Hinton from Red Dead Redemption 2.